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Hercules L9 SAE 15W-40


Top tier Fully synthetic Low SAPS technology engine oil with high quality additives and for Ultra High Performance Diesel (UHPD) engines meeting Euro I, II, III, IV, V & VI and running under very severe conditions. It is strongly recommended for engines equipped with EGR, with SCR NOx reduction system and or not equipped with diesel particulate filters.

ACEA: E7-16 & E9-16,
MB p228.31, MAN M3575, Volvo VDS-4.5,
Renault RLD-4, Iveco T2, Ford WSS-M2C171-F1,
Mack EOS-4.5, Deutz DQC III-10 LA, MTU Type 2.1,
Detroit Diesel DFS-93K222, Caterpillar ECF-3 & Cummins CES 20086
* 6x4L (six plastic bottles of 4L in a carton)

* 1x18L (a plastic pail of 18L)

* 1x25L (a metal can of 25L)

* 1x60L (a metal drum of 60L)

* 1x204L (a metal drum of 204L)

* 1x1000L (a plastic IBC of 1000L)